Schutt D30 Air 5.6 Fitted Batting Helmet with Faceguard

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The Schutt AiR 5.6 Matte Batting Helmet w/Mask features the all new D30® Aero Impact Foam which is a lightweight, soft and flexible padding that absorbs and disperses energy upon impact. With a premium fitted helmet that has a high-impact, durable shell, the AiR 5.6 Batting Helmet is Schutt's boldest design engineered for a truer fit. 

Helmet includes black Schutt faceguard, NC Challengers "C" decal on helmet front, and personalized player number decal(s) on helmet back.

To measure head for sizing, use a string and wrap around the player's head just above the temples.  Mark the string and measure the length to determine the head circumference and then select the helmet size that the head circumference falls into.  When selecting a helmet size, if the head size is close to being in between two helmet sizes, select the smaller helmet.