Schutt Air Maxx T 5.6 Fitted Batting Helmet with Faceguard

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AiR Maxx T 5.6 features the game-breaking impact absorption technology that made Schutt football helmets the best on the field: TPU Cushioning. Named after one of the most revered records in the history of diamond sports (the 56-game hitting streak of NY Yankees all-time great Joe DiMaggio), the 5.6 is a ground-breaking batters helmet.

TPU stands for thermoplastic urethane and absorbs more impact across a wider variety of temperatures on the football field than any other helmet on the market. And that technology is now available in the AiR Maxx T line of batters helmets.

The TPU Cushioning are designed for maximum impact absorption but still keep the helmet lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The TPU protection even extends to the jaw pads in this helmet.

Helmet includes black Schutt faceguard, chin strap, NC Challengers "C" decal on helmet front, and personalized player number decal(s) on helmet back.